Bandhavgarh Tiger Rreserve

Madhya Pradesh is a state famous for its hunting of wild animals during the rule of Rewa's Maharaja's. This state is filled with lush green forests, providing optical environment for the survival of various wild animals. Madhya Pradesh is a beautiful state filled with amazing palaces and the area that surrounds it is filled with heavy green foliage of wild plants.

Madhya Pradesh has many forests which are preserved and turned into wildlife parks where rare trees and animals are found. The Bandhavgarh National park is one of the well-known national parks found in the state. The Bandhavgarh national park in Madhya Pradesh is located in Umaria district among the Vidhyan mountain range, caring among itself the highest number of tigers. The forest of Bandhavgarh was initially a wildlife hunting ground but due to the decreasing number of White Tigers found in this region it was later converted into the Bandhavgarh National Park.

Bandhavgarh National Park has shown amazing history by focusing on the accentuated part in the reserve including the fascinating landscapes and beautiful wild life. The tourists can also stay at the most charming lodges in the safeguarded zone of the reserve.

There are many hotels in and around the Bandhavgarh national park area. Some Hotels of Bandhavgarh National Park offers tantalizing views of the beautiful forest and amazing wildlife found in the park such as Monsoon Forest. The best time to visit the Bandhavgarh national park is between the months of July and October, when the lush greenery of the forest is at its best.

The Bandhavgarh National park boasts many hotels and resorts for the tourists, offering amazing wildlife adventure trips, nature walks, beautiful sunset's and many other adventures. Among the many Bandhavgarh resorts found in the area are Monsoon Forest, Nature Heritage, Mahua Kothi, Tiger Trail resorts. They offer the tourists a beautiful place to stay at the best rates and an eco-friendly environment. The main attractions of the Bandhavgarh national park resorts are Tiger safari in India, trekking trips, tribal dances, bird watching activity, among many other such adventurous activities related to nature. The hotels and resorts located in the Bandhavgarh area are supplied with every luxury imaginable to man such as the Jacuzzi tub, spacious dining hall, beautiful and comfortable rooms, internet connections, etc.

The Bandhavgarh resorts offer an ideal get-away from the daily life of stress to a place among the peaceful surrounded areas to enjoy its natural beauty. For wildlife observers and photographers it’s a heaven where the world's most concentrated populations of Tigers in India are found in their natural surroundings and can be seen during the safari.

The Hotels and resorts of the Bandhavgarh national park offer not only comfort and peace but also nature with its wild habitants, since the hotels and resorts are located among and around the park.


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